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Custom Photography for Your Veterinary Websites

Never Use Stock Photography on Your Website!

One of the first rules of a good visual content strategy for your website is not to use stock images on your branded website. Why? Click on your contact us page. Is there a photo of your front desk staff or is there an impersonal stock photo? People like to connect with other people, so having your staff on your website humanizes your brand. Clients will recognize your staff when they enter your veterinary hospital, making them feel welcome. Stock photos do not make people feel welcome. They may be cute to look at but they do not brand your hospital. Especially if the photos are used over and over by other veterinary hospitals using the same website provider. The photos may be the same photos being used by the veterinary hospital in the same town. How will clients distinguish the hospitals? They probably will not be able to, and there may be quite a few clients showing up for an appointment they booked with the other hospital.

The photos that you use on your website are a great start toward a long-term relationship with each client. Cheshire will come to your hospital and take brandable, authentic photos for your website. The photos will be of the people who treat the pets and the pets that visit your animal hospital. These are the people who are keeping them healthy. We recommend putting their names with their pictures so that clients will know what they look like. Clients want to know their family veterinarian and know more about who is offering their veterinary care.

A good visual content strategy has photos of you and your team doing interesting things. Our professional photographer will bring lighting and an expertise of how best to photograph your hospital and the procedure you want to capture. It is all about visual storytelling, one that will enhance your veterinary brand. A good story is consistent. Nothing looks worse on a professional veterinary website than inconsistent, random photos taken by different people.


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