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Catherine E. Lawler. Cathy has been Managing Director of Cheshire Partners since 1983. Since 2006, she has provided website design, digital marketing, online brand management, social media consulting and planning and marketing consulting services (measuring marketing dollars against revenue sucess) for the veterinary industry and the pet industry. She loves pets, especially dogs and birds, and is happiest when clients are happy. In the past, she has served on numerous private company board of directors and charitable organizations, and was one of the founding members of 2 animal-assisted therapy organizations in Chicago, Canine Motivated Therapies and Canine Therapy Corps (formerly known as “The Chenny Troupe”, named after her dog Chenny). She has spoken numerous times to veterinary and medical professionals on the topic of animal-assisted therapy. She holds a degree from Northwestern University, BS Economics.



Frances Ann Rohlen. Ms. Rohlen has, for 40 years, been a community leader in the Chicago area serving in public, private, charitable and business positions ranging from venture capital, investment management and not-for-profit growth. Her vast for-profit corporate experience includes strategic planning, international business development and product development.

In the not-for-profit area, she specialized in areas of mental health, child abuse and neglect, and women’s issues focusing specifically on teen girl empowerment. Problem solving and clear thinking are two of her great strengths. She has won numerous local, state and national awards for her consistent leadership. She has served on many for profit and not-for-profit boards in the Chicago area, including boards dealing with health care, humanities and social issues.

She has one dog. She co-founded one animal-assisted therapy organization in Chicago has been instrumental in guiding its 15 year growth strategy.


Lynn Davis is the Sales Director of Cheshire Partners, LLC. He was born and raised in Nashville, TN., and is a dedicated father of three sons, three daughter-in-laws. He is the proud Papa to five granddaughters and one grandson. He served 8 years in the U. S. Army Signal Corp. His community service efforts have mainly centered on substance abuse and family assistance programs by serving as President, officer, and board member of the Alcohol and Drug Council of Middle Tennessee for 12 years. 

Previously, he was owner of Paladin Business Consulting, specializing in veterinary practice management and finance. He has wide interests and varied professional experience, having owned, started, and managed several successful businesses in the Nashville, TN area. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, graduate of the Ingersoll Rand Management and Leadership School, and coursework in the University of Tennessee MBA program.  

Prominent among his awards and recognitions, is that he was named one of the five finalists for the Nashville Business Journal Business Person of the Year for his work in turning around a large construction equipment dealership.


David Riggenbach is always keeping up to date with the latest web trends, techniques and technologies. He is very proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL   and other languages required in a full stack designer.

Also an accomplished artist with many years of experience in design, graphic arts, website creation and website management. His ability of understanding visual arts has been cultivated for years not only through college education, but also through the exposure to other artistic fields such as music, architecture and photography, which he actively works with. The vast array of artistic qualities he possesses provides him a unique design point of view that integrates those disciplines.

His photographs are often incorporated into his web design, which is a signature feature of his integrative design philosophy. 

He gets his dog fix from all of our dogs. He holds a degree from Loyola University, Mexico, BA Arts and Architecture.


Sean Fitzgerald has been with Cheshire Partner’s LLC. for 14 years where he works in the Graphics Department, performing the duties of graphic/web designer, photographer, videographer and Website Maintenance Supervisor. Sean is a graduate of the Institute of Art in Schaumburg, with an Associates in Applied Science Graphic Design degree. He comes to Cheshire bringing multi-media advertising experience. Art and design have always played a big role in his life and he finds that as a designer he has great opportunities for creativity.

Sean has a big heart for animals as well as design. He shares his home with his partner Doug and his 2 rescued pups, Diesel (American Pit Bull) and Ripley (Labradane).