e-Commerce Websites

Sell Your Products Successfully

A practice branded, Google ranking,  eCommerce website (or an eCommerce section on your existing website) allows you to introduce and sell your products and services to your clients (or potential clients) easily and safely. 

Download a .pdf of our eCommerce Services

  • eCommerce custom designed website or web pages based upon your brand and your identified target market
  • Built with mobile in mind—fast and user friendly
  • Highly secure checkout
  • Take credit cards with ease
    • Use advanced payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, authorize.net
    • Use your existing bank account, new bank account or other forms of online processing
  • Custom graphics, photos
  • Product inventory setup and custom product descriptions
  • Optimized for search
  • Products in the Google Shopping database
  • Website automation:
    • Member signup easy—they do it themselves
    • Once approved, they enter order and credit card
    • Website processes credit card
    • Easy export of orders for shipping department
    • Can set up 30/60/90 day auto shipping
    • Can perform email marketing with link to signup form to potential members
    • Email automation for order processing, shipping, receipt
  • Members only section:
    • Registration, login and thank you pages and automatic emails
    • Potential members fill out form, upload sales tax exemption doc if needed
    • Upload any type of document you require
    • Approval can be manual or automatic
    • Can include gated content
    • Member’s exclusive discounts or quantity purchasing
  • Sell on multiple sales channels, such as Facebook
  • Manage your online eCommerce activities from one integrated dashboard

Customer service management

Website chat, email answering service, 800 number answering service, all geared around your product or service.