Cheshire Partner’s Growth-Driven Veterinary Website Design Methodologies

Ask yourself: Are You Wasting Time and Money On Your Website Without Even Realizing It?

Search engine technology has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades, allowing for new technologies and innovations in website design, functionality, and content.  However, the process of developing a veterinary website has been relatively unchanged.  Until now.

Animal hospitals spend precious marketing dollars on websites that just sit on cloud servers collecting digital cobwebs, acting like a digital brochure.  Which may be ok if consumer desires stayed the same, industry advances didn’t occur and  if websites stayed relevant forever. But the facts are these items do change, sometimes rapidly.  The sad fact is that many veterinary websites do not change with time,  and they often become old and outdated.  Sometimes  in the same amount of time it took to develop the website. 

How Cheshire’s Growth-Driven Design Creates a Better Veterinary Website

Know Your Customers and Enhance Your Practice. Cheshire uses a user-centric approach when developing a veterinary website.  It means knowing your customer, listening to your audience and developing a website for them by continuously gathering user data and making impactful improvements to your website on a regular basis.  It is a process that also incorporates new digital technologies that can benefit the practice, such as reducing staff stress and improving efficiencies. 

This is NOT a build it and leave it (“BILI”) approach.  The only thing a BILI approach does is give you an expensive, quickly outdated online brochure.

“The customer is always right” is a saying that remains true to this day. And we live in a world where our competitors are only a couple of clicks away.  If your website is not designed for your users, what is stopping users from hitting the back button and going to the next website on the search results page?

That is why our growth driven design focuses the attention on you, your expertise, your market and your users. 

What is right for pet owners in New York City is not the same approach as users in rural Florida.  We monitor and collect data on how your website is being used.   We analyze how it is performing, focus on areas that are performing poorly and rework the website to achieve better results.   Our main goal is to tap into your user base (and your competitor’s user base) and learn what they want so that we can develop a website for you that fits them.

A great way to remember what is important in a veterinary website is through the acronym:  E.A.T.* For more information on E.A.T., read our Veterinary Website Trust blog post.

  • Expertise – Does your website demonstrate your expertise?
  • Authority – Does anyone else like you?
  • Trust – Are you secretly evil or incompetent?

The results speak for themselves:

  • On average, our clients are reporting approximately 20% more calls/leads after 6-months. 
  • On average, our clients are reporting a large increase in new clients after launch, some approaching a 30% increase in new client generation year over year (before COVID).
  • One new practice exceeded their 2-year business plan in the first two months of operation.

Get Started Today

Your website is at the forefront of your practice and often is what makes the most impression on prospective clients.  Growth driven design begins from day one, with initial planning and testing.  In today’s competitive climate, it is not enough to just have a decent website.

By continuously optimizing your website after launch and gathering user feedback, we will ensure your website is always providing the best experience possible to your users and generating the maximum benefit for your hospital.  

*Thanks again ScreamingFrog!

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