The Value of A Great Veterinary Website

A custom website and digital advertising program is a cost effective, smart way to obtain, engage and retain your clients. 

According to a May 8, 2019 study by the AVMA: 

  • two-thirds of U.S. households own pets
  • millennials represent the largest segment of pet owners for all pet types.
  • More than 80% of pet owners among millennials and Generation Z own dogs, while 50% or less own cats.
  • The routine dog owner took their dog to the vet 2.4 times per year.
  • Dog owners spend an average of $138 per visit.

ONE new canine client, at 2.4 visits per year, means an additional $331.20 in annual revenue.  Our clients report receiving 50-100 new clients per MONTH.  Are you generating $16,650 – $33,120 new revenue per month?  If not, call us!

Assuming you retain the client for the life of the pet, over a 10 year period, this dog owner represents an average of $3,310.00 in revenue.  50 new clients from one of our websites adds $165,600 to your annual revenue over 10 years.  500 new clients per year adds $165,650 per year in revenue, or $1,656,500 over a 10 year period.  

Isn’t it worth investing in a custom built website and digital marketing program?  We think it is, and so do our clients.

Cheshire Partners offer the most powerful marketing tools to bring new clients to your door. Give us a call today to learn more about gaining additional revenue in your veterinary practice.

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